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    Name:Trocars (Model CT)

    Trocars (Model CT)


    Trocars (Model CT) offer optical version during insertion. Detachable canular offers more choice for doctors when match with other instruments.


    Direct Visualization

    For some specifications, an endoscope can be inserted in to make the whole surgery process visible.


    The ergonomic design of trocar thread can makes instruments stable and reduces harm to skin.


    21 quality inspection steps on each trocar ensures high quality.


    No need to have an adapter between 5mm and 12mm instruments.  It is compatible to all kinds of surgical instruments.


    The universal seal can be replaced without removing trocar canula, ensuring 100% leak-proofness.


    The sealing components can be detached to remove large tissue or organ.


    Pattern and color design is amiable and comfortable to eyes.

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